Print envelope addresses from Business Contact Book

BCB - elegant solution for printing professional looking envelopes

BCB is a professional contact management application that makes printing envelopes as easy as a few clicks job. The app has a built-in Address Book where you can keep and manage your contacts and offers you numerous options to create your own envelope style.

• Prints addresses using your BCB contacts.
• Add contacts manually or import information from Mac Contacts.
• Supports 36 common envelopes types.
• Give your envelope a more special look:
- personalize font, style and color to customize sender and recipient’s addresses
- add logos and images to make your envelopes look personal or company based
- choose the type of the address to print (All, main, work, home, etc)
- option to add or remove country information
- 7 name formats for personal contacts
- option to include company name and department information (for personal contacts)
• Saves the Return address.
• Preview envelopes before printing.
• The app automatically adjusts the font size to match the dimensions of envelope boxes.

For more information visit the How to print envelopes in BCB page. We'd love to hear from you! Contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Sunday, July 21, 2024
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